Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is rapidly becoming a popular strategy for women to extend their reproductive options. Consideration of egg freezing begins by first testing your ovarian reserve to estimate your current fertility status. The ideal candidates to consider this procedure are women between 32 and 38 years of age that are planning to wait at least 2 years before attempting to conceive.

It is estimated that each egg that we collect, freeze and store will have about a 2% to 12% chance of becoming a healthy baby depending upon your age and egg quality. Not all of the eggs that we collect will be suitable for freezing and not all frozen eggs will survive the process of freeze and thaw. Therefore, it is typically recommended that we freeze about 15 to 20 eggs to optimize your chances of having one or two healthy pregnancies. For more details on the process, see ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval.

Probabilty of Live Birth with Oocyte Cryopreservation Based on Age:

6 Ooctes (Eggs) Thawed

egg freezing success rate graph

Egg Freezing - Fast Track for Fertility Rescue

For patients that were recently diagnosed with cancer or some other medical problem that may threaten their fertility, we offer an expedited service to avoid delay of your other necessary treatment. We realize how stressful such times can be and we want to ease your journey through the process. Simply notify our compassionate team of your situation and we will guide you through the steps quickly so that you may proceed with confidence.

Upon identifying your need we will arrange an appointment within 48 hours (either in the office or electronically) to initiate the process with you. We will then partner with you to help seek out available grants to assist in paying for your fertility preservation. Call as soon as possible so that we can maximize your outcome.

At Conceptions Reproductive Associates we want to preserve your options to have children after you’ve completed your treatment. Let’s at least talk about how our egg freezing program can serve you today.

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