Ovulation Induction: Update on the Original Modern Fertility Treatment

Most couples seeking fertility treatment want their plan to be as simple as possible. For decades now the typical entry level of fertility treatment for a variety of underlying conditions has been ovulation induction (OI) with intrauterine insemination (IUI). The goal of these combined treatments is simple; cautiously enhance the number of fertile eggs a … Continued

What is Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS)?

What is pre-implantation genetic screening? Pre-implantation genetic testing (PGS) or comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS) analyzes each individual embryo to determine if it has the correct number of chromosomes.

What is Male Factor Infertility?

Male factor infertility represents 35% of all infertility cases and the diagnosis is made by the presence of abnormal parameters on a semen analysis. A semen analysis has four main parameters, which include the volume 1.0-5.0 mL), count (≥ 20 million/mL), motility (active/forward moving sperm ≥50%) and morphology (normal appearance ≥14% by Kruger’s criteria and … Continued

What Happens If My IVF Cycle Fails?

No one likes to consider the possibility of an IVF cycle not resulting in pregnancy. The reality is, however, that at least 30-40% of the time, it will not. After the emotional dust settles, it is very important that we sit down and critically review the treatment cycle to try to learn more from the … Continued

Egg Health Testing and Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR)

At birth, women have 1-2 million eggs. This number slowly decreases throughout life. At puberty, a woman has approximately 250,000 eggs, in her 20’s this number decreases to 100,000, in her 30’s it’s down to 10,000, in her 40s as low as 1,000, and by the time she reaches menopause she will have no functional … Continued

Dr. Mark Bush at Midwest Reproductive Symposium

Dr. Bush was asked to give two workshops and a lecture at the prestigious Midwest Reproductive Symposium in Chicago in June of 2010.  His invited topic was IVF Protocol Management and Implantation.  This conference was attended by reproductive physicians, nurses and embryologists from around the world.  Dr. Bush’s workshops were standing room only.  He discussed … Continued

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