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Conceptions staff are active in the lecture community providing information to both patients and peers on IVF, Infertility, and other fertility topics. Feel free to browse through a presentation below. Contact us for more information or to discuss a topic as needed.

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Midwest Reprodutive Symposium

Dr. Bush was asked to give two workshops and a lecture at the prestigious Midwest Reproductive Symposium in Chicago in June of 2010. His invited topic was IVF Protocol Management and Implantation. This conference was attended by reproductive physicians, nurses and embryologists from around the world. Dr. Bush's workshops were standing room only. He discussed topics that included management of PCOS, hypothalamic dysfunction, IVF in women who have poor egg health testing who want to use their own eggs, laparoscopic myomectomy and other surgical techniques, as well as innovative testing and management of recurrent pregnancy loss and implantation failure. Copies of the lectures are available below.

Lecture Presentations

Whats New in IVF What's New In IVF? 6/01/2015
Implantation-And-IVF-Success.pdf Implantation-And-IVF-Success 5/24/2011
Dr-Mark-Bush-Midwest-Reproductive-Symposium-Chicago.pdf Dr-Mark-Bush-Midwest-Reproductive-Symposium-Chicago 6/5/2010
IVF-Protocols-Implantation-Efficiency-And-Sustenance.pdf IVF-Protocols-Implantation-Efficiency-And-Sustenance 6/4/2010
IVF-Protocols-Refractory-Endometrium.pdf IVF-Protocols-Refractory-Endometrium 6/4/2010
IVF-Protocols-Coags-TSH-Prednisone.pdf IVF-Protocols-Coags-TSH-Prednisone 6/4/2010
IVF-Protocols-DHEA.pdf IVF-Protocols-DHEA 6/4/2010
IVF-Protocols-Hyper-Responders.pdf IVF-Protocols-Hyper-Responders 6/4/2010
IVF-Protocols-Hypo-Responders.pdf IVF-Protocols-Hypo-Responders 6/4/2010
IVF-Protocols-2009.pdf IVF-Protocols-2009 9/7/2009
IVF-Protocols.swf IVF-Protocols 2/21/2008
Current-Fertility-Care.swf Current-Fertility-Care 9/1/2005
Oocyte-Cryopreservation-Education.swf Oocyte-Cryopreservation-Education
Preimplantation-Genetic-Screening.swf Preimplantation-Genetic-Screening
Testing-Egg-Health.pdf Testing-Egg-Health
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