In Vitro Fertilization IVF Success Rates

Since 1992, IVF clinics in the U.S. have been required to report their pregnancy and live birth rates for all assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC is the only database that IVF programs are required by federal law to report to. We take these stats directly from the CDC website.

Percentage of intended retrievals resulting in live births graph Percentage of transfers resulting in live births (CDC 2019) graph

The CDC is the only IVF outcome database required by law
CDC Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Data

See FAQs for more information on frozen transfers and success rates.

A significant percentage of our patients participate in our Conceptions CCS IVF program, which allows for these outstanding live birth rates and lower number of embryos transferred. This program allows for a transfer of embryo(s) that have been analyzed for the correct number of chromosomes, which significantly increases implantation and pregnant rates, decreases the likelihood of a miscarriage, and increases live birth rates. Learn more about the Conceptions CCS IVF program.

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