Insurance And Benefits

We understand that determining your individual insurance coverage for infertility therapy may seem like an overwhelming process. However, to protect yourself from incurring fees that may not be covered by your plan, you must obtain written verification of your benefits.

Insurance companies have specific guidelines in place to help you determine the extent of your fertility benefits. However, this type of information is typically delivered only in response to specific questions asked by the insured party. As a result, important information may be unintentionally omitted.

To help you obtain complete and accurate verification, we have created the following guidelines.

Financing Options

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado offers information on several 3rd party financing options for our patients. View Financing Options

To Verify Your Benefits:

  1. Call the customer service phone number printed on your insurance card. Once you have a representative on the line:
    • Ask specifically for your benefits relating to infertility
    • Request written confirmation of these benefits
    • Document the date and time of your call
  2. Review your benefits booklet. This is the information provided by your employer if you are part of a group plan. Photocopy the section that pertains to infertility benefits, if applicable.
  3. If treatment is covered by your insurance plan, please supply verification of your benefits to the Conceptions business office. This information should be provided in the form of written confirmation from your insurance provider, or copies from your benefits book.

If treatment is not covered by your insurance plan, payment will be due at time of service. Should you have any questions, our billing department will be happy to assist you at 303-794-8165.


Conceptions is pleased to partner with Progyny for fertility benefits. Services vary based on the employer sponsoring the Progyny benefit plan. Progyny patients (new or existing) must call their Progyny Patient Care Advocate (PCA) for authorization before scheduling an appointment with our clinic. Progyny insurance benefit plan

United Optum Center of Excellence

Conceptions is once again United Optum Center of Excellence for 2019. We are so proud to have had this designation for 9 consecutive years!

United Optum Center of Excellence

Aetna Institutes of Excellence™

Conceptions is honored to have joined Aetna's Institutes of Excellence™ network of providers for our high-quality, high-value infertility care.

Aetna Institute of Excellence

Aetna Institute of Excellence


Carrot Fertility Benefits

Good news! Conceptions patients receive a discount on testing and treatment when they use their Carrot fertility benefit dollars.

How does Carrot work? Carrot is NOT an insurance company. Carrot is an employer-sponsored reimbursement financial benefit. Members are considered self-pay patients and get reimbursed dollar for dollar until their company's fertility benefit maximum is reached. Similar to an HSA or flexible spending account, Carrot members may receive a Carrot Card with the set dollar amount available towards fertility treatment. Members may use their personal or Carrot card to pay for treatment at discounted self-pay rates.

Are there discounts for patients with Carrot? Yes! All Conceptions patients using their Carrot funds, through their own payment methods or their Carrot Card, will receive a discount off self-pay rates.

How do I schedule a fertility consult at Conceptions? Carrot members may call or contact Conceptions directly to get started or they may contact a Carrot Care Navigator directly through the Carrot App to get started. Conceptions has a dedicated patient liaison for Carrot members when they are ready to schedule.

Are all fertility services covered with Carrot? The Carrot benefit can be used for any fertility services provided by Conceptions except herbal treatments or clinical trials. Third-party services and medications are included. No prior authorization is needed.

Are fertility medications covered with Carrot? Carrot members can purchase their medications through Carrot Rx, powered by Schrafts 2.0 for discounted rates and free expedited delivery. Contact a Carrot Care Navigator for more info.

Interested in bringing Carrot fertility benefits to your workplace? We'll get the conversation started. Tell us about your company, and we'll reach out to let them know their employees are interested in fertility and family-forming benefits.


Insurance Carriers:

Conceptions Reproductive Associates Physicians and Laboratory participate with the following Insurance carriers:
AETNA Institute of Excellence In network with most products
BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD Out of network with narrow HMO products
CIGNA Out of network with any Cigna Connect products
Tricare/TriWest In Network with most products/Requires referral on file for all services
UNITED HEALTHCARE Center of Excellence Clinic In network with most Products
Patients may also contact their Insurance carrier directly with questions on participating providers. If you do not see your Insurance carrier listed please check with the Business Office at 303.794.8165 to verify In-Network participation.
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