Chromosome Assessment & Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT = CCS)

Natera, Inc.

We collaborate with Natera, Inc. to offer preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) for full chromosome screening of embryos and/or single gene testing. Natera utilizes a SNP Microarray testing platform plus their proprietary Parental Support TM technology which is the most accurate and comprehensive PGT testing available. Conceptions, a leader in IVF and ART technologies, is proud to be one of the first 5 centers to begin utilizing this advanced technology since its launch in early 2009.

All technologies for PGT chromosome screening are designed to test embryos for chromosome problems and aid physicians in identifying those embryos that are most likely to implant and lead to healthy babies. Parental Support technology goes a step further than other technologies by utilizing DNA from both parents along with carefully designed bioinformatic algorithms to accurately and reliably test cells from each embryo. Testing analyzes all 22 numbered chromosomes plus the sex chromosomes X and Y. Only Parental Support can detect other abnormalities such as haploidy and all types of triploidy (when there are missing or extra whole sets of chromosomes), chromosomal deletions and duplications, UPD (Uniparental Disomy), cell contamination, and also determine if abnormalities detected are maternal or paternal in origin.

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Recent data suggests that utilizing a 24 chromosome SNP array for chromosome screening of embryos improves both the implantation rate and pregnancy rate for women of advanced maternal age when a euploid embryo transfer takes place, thus reducing the negative effects of advanced maternal age (Rabinowitz, M. presented at the 2010 meetings of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine).

Conceptions also offers PGT-M testing for single gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, and fragile X syndrome with the option for simultaneous chromosome screening through Natera.

Please compare our pricing and the unique ability of the Natera test which, in the case of an abnormal embryo, can determine if it was caused by the egg or sperm.

For those without insurance, Conceptions offers a self pay cycle package (view costs) which includes: Pre-IVF office hysteroscopy, trial embryo transfer, full IVF cycle management including all ultrasounds and bloodwork, egg retrieval, ICSI, day 5 embryo laser placental biopsy, Natera full 23 pair chromosomal assessment, cryopreservation and subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycle.

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