Steps for Out-of-Town Patients

Contact Conceptions by Phone or Email (Contact Us Page), then:

  1. You will receive a username and password for our Patient Portal to complete a New Patient Information Packet to be completed 2 weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. Also provide CRA all records from previous OB/GYN and/or reproductive endocrinologist.

  2. You will have the option of setting up a face to face initial consultation with a physician at one of our 4 locations or for your convenience you may choose to do a phone consultation. The phone consultation is not billable to insurance and the scheduler will ask to obtain your credit card information before booking the phone consultation.

  3. Your nurse will contact you to set up the necessary testing and physician consults for your cycle. These may include but are not limited to the following:
    • Ultrasound for a baseline antral follicle count
    • A sonohysterogram or office hysteroscopy
    • A trial embryo transfer
    • Laboratory evaluation
    • Semen analysis. Exceptions to this include the use of donor sperm or a previous semen analysis within 6 months prior to treatment at CRA.
    • A consultation with your IVF or Donor Egg Nurse Coordinator – at this appointment we will discuss consent forms, a calendar for your cycle, we will order medications and go over specific mixing and administration instructions.
    • Business office consultation

  4. We will do our best to schedule needed procedures and consults on the same day at the Littleton Campus of CRA. Exceptions may be made based on your insurance coverage; however, your IVF or Donor Egg Nurse Coordinator will do their best to accommodate your schedule.

  5. There are two sets of ultrasound and blood work appointments with your IVF or Donor Egg cycles: Day 2 and Day 6. These requirements can be met in your home state only if same day results are available. Your nurse will make certain all orders for blood and ultrasounds are faxed to the appropriate providers prior to your appointments.

  6. You will need to be in Denver for ultrasounds and blood work by day 8 of your cycle. You will be asked to remain in Denver for all appointments and procedures through the time of egg retrieval. You may return home after the day of your egg retrieval. Plans for your embryo transfer can be discussed with your IVF nurse coordinator.

  7. Blood work requirements after your embryo transfer may be completed locally.

  8. We will help you coordinate your pregnancy ultrasounds with your local obstetrician.
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